Detox and colon Cleanser (28 days program)

Detox and colon Cleanser (28 days program)

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Gro Health Tea SLIM – TEATOX BLEND - 85g

Mixed explicitly for a possibility to assist with digestion. This extraordinary tasting red tea is advanced with cell reinforcement controls generally used to give energy, upgrade the body's regular detoxifying capacities, diminish irritation, and advance sound weight.

Customarily, these spices have been related with the accompanying:

Flaxseed – super food containing estrogen, cell reinforcements and Omega 3

Natural rooibos – bone, heart, and skin wellbeing, the stomach related framework, and glucose levels

Cinnamon bark–control of cholesterol, cerebrum wellbeing and glucose controller

Dandelion root – detox, cleaning the blood, and delicate diuretic properties

Licorice root – incredible cell reinforcements, skin and liver wellbeing

Cacao nibs – cell reinforcements, fiber and potassium

Fenugreek seeds–facilitating obstruction and disrupted bellies

Rose petals – skin-accommodating, cell reinforcement

Gro Health Tea Slim

For greatest outcomes, we suggest taking 1 cup of the Gro Health Tea Slim Tea toward the beginning of the day, ideally before breakfast and 1 cup in the early evening. A level teaspoon is sufficient per cup.

Colon Cleanse

1 stored teaspoonful one time each day, ideally in theevening. Inject for 3 to 5 minutes as per taste.Avoid if gallstones or gallbladder sickness is available. Fenugreek has been known to bring down blood glucose levels.


Colon Cleanse Tea:Flaxseed, rooibos leaf, cinnamon bark, dandelion root, liquorice root, cacao nibs, fenugreek seeds and Rose petals. Natural fixings are utilized when accessible.


For maximum results, we recommend taking 1 cup of the Gro Health Tea Slim Tea in the morning before breakfast and 1 cup in the afternoon. A level teaspoon is enough per cup.


Flaxseed, rooibos leaf,cinanamonbark,dandelio root,liquorice root,cacao nibs,fenugreek seedand rose petals